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Questions & Answers


How did a pirate ship and a band of swashbuckling pirates end up in the New Mexican desert? 
Aye, that be a story only passengers are apprised of.  Let’s just say that our captain is lacking in the area of navigation.  Our story includes a few wrong turns, a trip down a dark and mysterious cave called the Carlsbad Caverns, a battle with a few New Mexican folklore legends including a pack of chupacabras and some haunting nights fleeing from la llorona…we made our way to the beautiful Pecos River. 


Can I get discounted tickets and merchandise?
Yes, if you are traveling to Carlsbad and you book a room at the Fiddler’s Inn Bed and Breakfast (Carlsbad’s #1 guest-rated establishment) you will receive 10% off all tickets and merchandise.   

Where does the ship depart from?
We are located at the Pecos River Village.  701 Muscatel to be exact. 

Is there parking available?
Yes, there is free parking at the Pecos River Village.  There is a golf course adjoining the parking lot.  You can park there as well.

Is there a bathroom aboard the ship?
No.  We strongly recommend that you use the land based facilities prior to boarding the ship.

Can we purchase pirate hats, eye patches, t-shirts, bandanas, and other accessories?
All merchandise can be purchased in the gift shop near the docks.  It’s full of fun pirate garb and gear!

Is there an age limit?
No. All pirates and pirate trainees are welcome.

Will we get wet?
Probably so…our ship is complete with water cannons and pirate squirt guns.  Anything is possible.

How long does the adventure last?
Cruises are 1 hour long.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes early.

How many passengers can come along?
The ship holds up to 12 passengers.


Can we bring our own camera?
Sure! We encourage you to take pictures and post them on our Facebook page and Trip Advisor.   We are not responsible for loss or damage to your camera, so bring at your own risk.

Do we need a reservation?
Yes, it is recommended to book online.  Our adventurous excursions do sell out so it’s best to make your reservation in advance.

Do we have to participate in the action or can we just watch?
It’s your choice. You can just sit back and enjoy the beautiful river and fresh air or join in on the fun and games.

Is the adventure safe?
Yes! Your safety is most important to us. Life jackets are available aboard the ship for all passengers. Children 12 years of age or younger are required to wear a life jacket at all times while aboard the ship.

Are there food and drinks available aboard the ship?
You can purchase water, soft drinks and snacks in the gift shop prior to boarding the ship.

How early must we arrive?
No later than 15 minutes prior to your voyages scheduled departure time. (Example: for a 3:00pm voyage we ask that you arrive no later than 2:45pm).  While you’re waiting, browse the gift shop, sit on the terrace and maybe even feed the ducks. 

What if we arrive late?
We run a tight ship schedule and cannot return to the dock to pick up late passengers, so make sure to allow plenty of time to park and prepare. Don’t take a chance of being left behind, as we offer no refunds if you miss the boat.

How should we prepare and what should we bring?
That depends on the weather. We suggest you wear comfortable clothing and bring some sunscreen. Any footwear is fine, except for high heels. Dressing in pirate garb is not compulsory, but it is fun! We have some covered/shaded seating on the ship as well as pirate umbrellas on board if you prefer some shade. 

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